MyFantasyLeague Manager 2017 App Reviews

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This App is horrible!

No stats no projections. Waste of money.

Great app

This is the best mfl app every season. Allows me to easily check out my multiple mfl leagues in one place. I can easily toggle between live scoring for all leagues.

I can’t sign in

Waste of $3 so far

Very poor

The free app. is better then this one that I had to pay for. Needs to be laid out better and more user friendly. Don’t buy it, use the free app. it’s a lot better.


This is my first year playing ff on this site and I purchased the app expecting a high quality app with the purchase but I’m finding myself disappointed. The app is a bit hard to navigate. Don’t like the fact I can’t check player news when I’m on “my lineup”. I hate the add/drop players section. It’s hard to navigate and listing players alphabetically drives me crazy. Just plain disappointed!

Worth the buy

Nice app, MFL/Roto! I had only two complaints and one was actually just patched. The patch was when entering an amount for bids on adds/drops, the submit button was covered by the number grid. This was fixed, thanks! My only other suggestion/complaint is that there isn’t really a player news area other than going to a player’s page. It would be nice to have a player news section similar to the MFL Platinum free app. Other than that I’m very satisfied—that’s essentially the only thing keeping to 4 stars.

Not worth it

Live scoring is horrible. The fact you have to pay for the app and can't even use the video option like you can online doesn't make sense. Overall functionality is frustrating.

My Fantasy League Manager

Excellent app! Easy to navigate. Very informative!


Everything I could need in a league manager app

Not Enough

If you're a fantasy player that finds this site useful. Then you've never been to your league championship.... Not enough period for a user. I'd do better calling my girlfriend for updates. She still thinks Montana plays for the Niners.

Great for multiple MFL leagues

This app is a great resource for managing multiple MFL leagues at once.

Necessity for MFL Leagues

Much better than the mobile site in terms of Live Scoring and setting lineups. Considering all the time and energy I put into my leagues, the $3 cost is nothing.

So sorry I paid the money for this app

I just purchased this App last week. So disappointed. At first it seemed to work great. After one week of you click on any player to see news it goes blank and shuts down. If you try to make your lineup , it doesn't safe it and reverts back. I will dispute this charge with Apple. This is the worst App I have ever owned.

Doesn't work

Basically paid $3 to be frustrated.

1 stop shop

Told the boys in my league this app is a must. Quick and easy to mange your lineup. I'm usually on the run, this is quick and easy.

Does not work at all

Both of my mfl leagues come back as "cannot be read"

Crap app



This app is horrible. I purchased this app to draft my team because your site doesn't support an iPad, and there isn't even a draft available here. Complete waste of money.

Too limiting

There are other MFL apps that have more options for free then this one. 2-stars because what little it does offer looks nice. Home page is full of MFL news so nothing of real importance. Can rearrange to customize a little but it resets every time you open the app. No support for drafts, no latest player news, no general player performance, waivers only sort by name not performance or adp. So if you just want to view and set your roster, see scores and polls then this is for you. But if you want to see and compare player performance, see player news, or even draft then either look elsewhere or wait and hope for a future update.

Waste of money

The free MFL manager from Eggplant is lightyears ahead of this app and it's free. Save your $2.99!!!

works great

I use this to manage my MFL teams and check in on my MFL10s.

Crucial for MFL!

If you have a normal life, you MUST get this App so you can juggle life and your MFL fantasy team. This works really well and has live scoring. Love it!!!

Perfect MFL app

This app is great if you love MFL 10 leagues or the regular commish format. Absolutely love it.

Been looking for something like this

I hate the MFL site and this is so much better

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